Thursday, April 19, 2012

4,500 Job losses in March. Thank you Scott Walker.

Here's the bad news:
jsonline: After Wisconsin started the year with two months of promising jobs gains, the state lost an estimated 4,300 private-sector jobs in March, according to preliminary data released Thursday by the state Department of Workforce Development.  
If you add in the 200 lost public jobs, 4,500.

But you won’t hear anything about the job losses, or the fact that the trend is a devastating one, especially if you’re trying to get people to believe in the conservative theory of job creation.
What you will hear over and over is the unemployment number, which went down .1%, 6.8% from 6.9% in February.
Walker is hoping the summer hiring season will give him the push he’ll need in the recall election, even though they’re only part time jobs. But construction is also a summer job creator, and look what happened:
In Wisconsin, construction showed the deepest monthly job losses, which was unexpected given the unseasonably warm weather.

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