Sunday, April 29, 2012

As Milwaukee County Executive, Walker responsible for jobs and business exodus, not Barrett.

On Upfront with Mike Gousha (goo-shay), Scott Walker was asked why he didn't share in the responsibility for job and business losses in the Milwaukee area when he was county executive. Surprise, he didn't really have an answer:

What we're seeing now in Wisconsin, is not a set up for some magical massive influx of jobs or a corporate Renascence, we're seeing what Walker does best. We were warned...big time back in Oct, 2010: 
jsonline-Daniel Bice: Milwaukee County government is in such dire financial shape that state lawmakers should push through legislation that would allow it and other local governments to file for bankruptcy … the powerful committee is looking to recommend doing away with the elected county executive's post, slicing county worker benefits and spinning off the zoo, the bus system, the parks and much else under separate commissions. If these dramatic steps - or something like them - aren't taken county government will collapse, the draft report suggests. "If we don't make changes today … Parks will close, bus routes will end and families in distress will not get the help they need. Our Milwaukee will grow smaller and smaller as people and companies leave."
So the Greater Milwaukee Committee released this unforgettable statement: 
"We don't want this to become some sort of political football during the fall election campaigns."
Voters didn't have a right to consider his history as county executive? What's written below happened on Oct 9, 2010. It could have been written yesterday. Deja vu?:
Not surprisingly, Barrett's campaign jumped at the chance to use the draft recommendations as "a stunning indictment" of Walker's eight years at the county's helm. Barrett spokesman Phil Walzak called on the committee to release the full report before the election, saying it could give a glimpse of what awaits the state if Walker becomes governor.
actual cartoon during Walker run for governor in 2010 
And guess who helped push for, and keep the report secret until after the election?
Michael Grebe, the head of the conservative Bradley Foundation, is chairman of both the Greater Milwaukee Committee and the campaign for Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker. Grebe said, "it would be more effective for us to release after the election."
History does repeat itself.

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