Monday, April 30, 2012

Walker Blames political unrest for job losses! Big business now repeating talking point.

To make any sense out of Scott Walker's theory about job creation, we first have to get rid of the notion that 70 percent of our economy has anything to do with consumer demand. Consumers are the real job creators, but forget all that.

Walker believes business certainty, something that never existed before and is impossible to obtain in a free market, is for real. He also believes that last winters protests stopped businesses from hiring workers because...they were worried that poor Scott Walker was in political trouble?

You'll notice that Walker is basing his economic plan on just what businesses are telling him about the political climate. Heck, the Milwaukee Business Journal and "other entities" pretty much said it was true, and they've got nothing to really gain from all this, except maybe a lot of power and money.

Mike Gousha didn't seem to want to mess around with Walker's well rehearsed answers. So he started by asking why in the last year of the Doyle administration, the state gained 30,000 jobs, and under his administration he lost 24,000 jobs? "How do you explain that?"

Gousha on Illinois jobs: "But they created 41,000 jobs in that time frame, the March to March time frame."

Walker: "Yeah, but they didn't have all the attention around the Capitol."
Not a good answer. Who created all that "attention?" Who's fault was it? This has got to be one of the dumbest excuses yet. It should be noted; because of the dramatic lack of jobs in Wisconsin, many of the unemployed aren't looking, which in turn has lowered the unemployment numbers. That fact, for some odd reason, is a bragging point for Walker.