Friday, April 6, 2012

Unions Come out Swinging against Tom Barrett.

Sen. Jon Erpenbach may not like to see the unions attack his candidate for governor, but it's best to get this mess out into the open. In typical Democratic fashion, everyone involved started shooting themselves in the foot with comments that seemed wildly out of place at this point in the recall election.

But why not. WKOW:

Even though a new online video about Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is factually inaccurate, the union that's distributing it isn't apologizing. AFSCME distributed a 90 second video using a March, 2011 interview Barrett did with a Milwaukee radio station. The producer of the video makes it look like Barrett gave the Republicans the idea on how to take collective bargaining rights away from state workers.

"That takes what Tom Barrett had to say during a radio interview, totally out of context," Sen. Jon Erpenbach … But AFSCME leaders stand by their decision to release the video, stating on their web site:

"It’s about choosing a leader who can best stand up to Scott Walker and boldly articulate a vision Wisconsinites feel confident will heal the unprecedented wounds Walker has inflicted on our state.  Not a muddied record of tepid support for our movement or lukewarm opposition to Walker's agenda."

Barrett said voters don't have to worry about that. "So that there's no confusion, I support the restoration of collective bargaining rights in this state."

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Paul Trotter said...

Shame on AFSCME for fabricating this video.