Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Milwaukee DA out to get Walker, says unhinged and paranoid, former Waukesha DA Paul Bucher.

His true stripes are showing.
Does he look sane to you?
jsonline: Paul Bucher, former DA of the radically Republican county of Waukesha, has called into question the Milwaukee DA’s handling of the John Doe investigation that is a serious threat to Scott Walker. 
Bucher’s partisan paranoia has hatched an imaginative list of accusations that include a Milwaukee DA’s office that has instigated politically motivated leaks and has abused the rights those under investigation. Oh, and since Bucher created the wild scenario that Walker and his former staff are the victims of a smear campaign, it would naturally follow that this must be true:
"DOJ intervention is the only way to de-politicize an investigation whose objectivity and fairness has been called into question," Bucher said. 
Bucher wants to de-politicize something he just politicized?

Bucher puts on full display the kind of twisted thinking we’ve seen from the Republican Party over the last couple of years. We really have to stop taking these guys seriously.  
An hour or so after Paul Bucher, a defense attorney, released a letter he had sent (the justice department) … Dana Brueck, a Justice Department spokeswoman wrote, "…our response to Mr. Bucher will inform him that we simply don’t have the legal authority to take John Doe investigations away from elected District Attorneys."
Here’s an example of Bucher’s paranoid rantings:
"this John Doe has consistently leaked like a sieve, and has blatantly abused the rights and reputations of individuals who have no way of defending themselves without violating the secrecy orders surrounding the investigation."
The kicker for me was this tidbit that could very well have been suggested by Scott Walker himself:
Bucher said that, in order to protect the rights of the people involved in the investigation, "complete control of this investigation must be taken from the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office."
Wow!! According to jsonline,
Milwaukee County prosecutors have leaked no stories regarding the John Doe investigation to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, which has broken every story on developments in the 23-month probe.
And taking his cue from an investigation by the conservative fringe group Media Trackers:
Bucher said in his letter that he had previously sent a letter to Judge Neal Nettesheim, who is presiding over the John Doe (and) raised concerns that 43 people in the district attorney's office had signed petitions to recall Walker. However, prosecutors overseeing the long-running Doe investigation weren't among those who signed
And if you thought the idea that Bucher's paranoia was something I made up to attack him:
Bucher said individuals within the district attorney's office and public integrity unit signed the recall petitions "in some fashion, either them or close associates of theirs. I know they were involved in the recall petition," Bucher said. Asked what evidence he had, Bucher said his information came from several sources.
Like the voices in his head?


mal said...

That Scott Walker surrogates would openly mention the criminal investigation points to three developments:

1. That polling data indicate WalkerGate is solidfying in the public mind.

2. That the probe in on the verge of another major annoucement.

3. That Scott Walker is desperate to delegitimize the probe, up to the point he faces criminal charges himself.

Democurmudgeon said...

mal, really well said. I was thinking pretty much the same thing, but the post was getting a little long, so thanks for bottom lining Bucher's intent here.

xoff said...

My favorite grafs:

Bucher declined to confirm or deny he was representing one of more people who have been involved in the ongoing Doe probe. But Bucher, a defense attorney since losing his bid for the Republican nomination for attorney general in 2006, has represented a client in the John Doe investigation, the Journal Sentinel has learned.

"Asked why he had written the letter, Bucher replied, “I’m a citizen interested in fairness and the outcome of this process."

Anonymous said...

If Bucher is indeed representing one of the targets of the investigation, his comments attacking the Prosecutor and the Court are of the sort that might result in the disbarment of an Attorney under some circumstances. Anyone want to file a complaint?