Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Walker won't prevent 130,000 Wisconsinites from losing tax credits on the exchanges!!!

It’s interesting to see Scott Walker work under pressure, to see how he handles potentially difficult problems heading his way. What we're learning is troubling to say the least.

The recent conflicting court decisions over the governments health exchange subsidies is a really big deal to those getting the tax credit. For many it's a matter of life and death.

The big picture is even scarier, knowing tens of thousands of citizens may lose their ability to buy insurance in an instant.

But Walker is an ideologue, a strict party guy, who has no desire to support anything that deviates from the platform. Sociopathic behavior? See for yourself below:
WSAU-Wheeler News: Governor Scott Walker's office says it will not rush to create Wisconsin's own health care marketplace to preserve tax subsides that were placed in doubt yesterday. Walker spokeswoman Jocelyn Webster would not say if Wisconsin would create its own exchange if it meant preserving subsidies for users. 

She said the 130-thousand Wisconsinites under Obama-care are not affected at this point -- and the Republican Walker won't deal in "hypotheticals." 
While the courts are also supposed to seriously consider the intent of congress, and not just the faulty or ambiguous language, two activist conservative judges decided to simply misinterpret the entire reason for the Affordable Care Act. Picking up on that, as ridiculous as it sounds, Walker expects us to think Obama and congress supposedly never intended the tax credits for the the government exchanges?
Walker's office put the blame on what Webster called the government's "inept interpretation of their own flawed law." 
The definitive piece on this can be found here, at Vox.  


  1. Walker is praying that residents in states without their own exchanges keep getting subsidies, otherwise there will be 130,000 people shitstorming for that gap coverage he so preciously boasts about, but depends entirely on Obamacare for.

  2. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't Walker's entire refusal to set up a state exchange and take available Federal dollars to help Wisconsin citizens based on Walker's own rationale of fear (Mr Unintimidated?) that, "hypothetically," Federal tax dollars could be removed or dry up at some point in the future if Walker were to have established a state exchange and the state would be on the hook to make up the needed difference?

    So the initial refusal is based on a hypothetical situation, and now he won't react to a potentially changing situation to be ready to protect WI citizens, because he has all of the sudden, quit dealing in, "hypotheticals?" Hmmmmm.