Friday, July 11, 2014

Mr. Unintimidated Scott Walker spends budget busting millions on personal Security. What, “Divide and Conquer” agenda not popular?

The more respected conservatives pundits, fellows and candidates touring the country brag about their massive security teams, a badge of honor proving their conservative cred's with their low information base. Right wingers need protecting them from those latte drinking, Prius driving, anti-gun liberals. Real dangerous.  

Our “unintimidated” paranoid leader,” Scott Walker is pouring ridiculous amounts of taxpayer money into security for a home he doesn't live in, and tours around the country campaigning for president. And we need to pay that bill?  
Brave governor forced to have protection?
jsonline: Citing personal safety concerns, Gov. Scott Walker has sharply increased the amount the state is paying to protect him and his family, boosting the budget for his security detail by 239% in his term.

Records show taxpayers spent more than $2.23 million in 2013 for the 10 state troopers who protect Walker and his family … That was up from $657,457 paid out by Gov. Jim Doyle on security during his last year in office in 2010.
So who’s unintimidated again? This amazing spending spree is a result of unpopular policies and paranoid fantasy’s brought on by Walker’s aggrandized self image.

Knowing just how divisive and unpopular his government takeover has been, Walker admitted his forced agenda may have made a few enemies:
"Have you been asleep for the past three years?" Walker said when pressed about his rising security budget.
Here’s a rundown of costs. See if you think this is money well spent:
· Taxpayers have paid some $978,000 to provide security for Walker's home in Wauwatosa — a figure that continues to rise sharply even though his two sons are in college and the governor has said he's spending more nights at the Executive Residence in Maple Bluff.

· Spending on items designated "other expenses" has increased by 716% in the past five years, with annual $600 clothing allowances for the security team; $975 bulletproof vests and iPads and iPad accessories for all 10 bodyguards; and a safe and car tinting.

· The number of out-of-state trips for which security has accompanied Walker has increased as his national profile rises and he is increasingly seen as a possible 2016 presidential contender. In 2011, he had state-funded security for 29 trips outside Wisconsin, a number that had risen to 47 by 2013.


  1. How many of those 47 trips were on actual state business, and how many were for campaigning- all on our tax dollars of course?

    Meet the new John Doe, same as the old John Doe? What a crooked weakling.

  2. In the 1980's I lived on Sherman Av on the north side of Madison, about a half mile from the Governor's mansion. One morning while waiting for a bus I was stunned to see Governor Tony Earl jog down the street right past me, not a security guard in sight. Now that was a guy who wasn't intimidated, maybe because he wasn't trying to screw-over the entire state of Wisconsin.

    I think Walker likes having all armed heavy-breathers around him because it makes him feel like what he really yearns to be - a dictator.