Thursday, July 17, 2014

Minnesota GOP Governor Candidate hates jobs and business, promises to "Go all Scott Walker."

It would have to be a very dry, tongue-in-cheek joke from Republican gubernatorial candidate Jeff Johnson, to make sense out of his recent amazing comment:
"If we had a Republican Senate and Republican House, then we can go all Scott Walker."
A well-deserved quick correction from Democratic Farmer Labor Party Chairman Ken Martin hoped to set the record straight for those not following Wisconsin's dissent into a joblessness:
"I don't know why anyone in their right mind would want Minnesota to be like Wisconsin. For Jeff Johnson to insinuate that any way (or) stretch of the imagination that somehow being like Wisconsin is a good thing is absolutely the wrong thing to say if you are running for governor in Minnesota."
Yes, joblessness, as described by the Mary Burke campaign press release:
One day after career politician Scott Walker launched his latest attack on a great Wisconsin company (Trek), new jobs numbers reveal Walker's continued failure to create jobs. Following the latest release, which revised May private sector job creation down to a loss of 900, and showed for the first time a loss of 1,200 private sector jobs in Wisconsin in June, Burke for Wisconsin Communications Director Joe Zepecki said.

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  1. hope Minn. doesn't follow wisconsin down the toilet. for whatever it it worth just sent Mary a $25 donation and bought a bumper sticker.