Saturday, July 12, 2014

Blue Minnesota vs Red Wisconsin; Minnesota has surplus, Wisconsin doesn't.

We kinda knew this would happen, didn't we?

Democratic economic policies work, when given the chance, while the Republicans "fiscally conservative" policies stink up the place as usual. Who can forget the Great Recession, right? Check out the analysis at Jake's Economic TA Funhouse between Minnesota's projected surplus and Wisconsin's projected deficit.

I thought the following details were worth highlighting from a more partisan prospective:
Star Tribune: Minnesota tax collections beat expectations for the final three months of the fiscal year, and Minnesota is now expected to finish the fiscal year with $168 million more in revenues than projected state finance officials said. The update will undoubtedly factor into the governor's race.
Desperate to a point of being laughable, minority Republicans struggled to find something to whine about:
Jeff Johnson's firm grasp of the surplus problem...Democrats!
Republicans contend the economy is sputtering while Dayton has tried to present a more-upbeat picture. House GOP Leader Kurt Daudt accused Dayton and Democrats of trying to distract Minnesotans from other issues such as the federal health care overhaul or a planned new government office building for state senators that opponents view as wasteful. "The reality is: Governor Dayton and Democrats continue to put themselves and their extreme special interests before the best interests of hardworking Minnesotans."

Yea, Democrats are just distracting Minnesotans with the good economic news. God their funny. 

It’s better than Wisconsin’s projected $200 million shortfall, or the $2 billion deficit in the next fiscal budget, which is best explained at Jake’s Economic TA Funhouse (where I found this story). 

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