Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Walker's now seeing Veterans Trust Fund Deficit looming ahead!

Remember when Republicans gave Wisconsin veterans and their families a free UW college education, but refused to pay for it? They said the university could easily absorb the costs.

Well, that’s the kind of veterans support we’re getting from Republicans; glowing praise but no financial backing whatsoever.

And with no apparent ability to raise fees or taxes, all the while cutting taxes, Republicans are unable to offer solutions to state and veterans funding problems.

Democratic State Sen. Jennifer Shilling said as much in the following press release that got little or no media coverage:
$46.1 million budget deficit projected for Veterans Trust Fund: Services for veterans face uncertain future amid growing budget concerns. Neither the current administration nor DVA Sec. Scoccos have identified a long-term solution to balance the Veterans Trust Fund budget or address the projected structural deficit.

In addition to the deficit in the Veterans Trust Fund, Wisconsin is facing a projected deficit of over $800 million in the General Fund, Transportation Fund and Medical Assistance budget (BadgerCare shortfall).

The Veterans Trust Fund deficit news comes as veterans have grown increasingly critical of Republicans in Madison … particularly concerned with recent legislation making it more difficult for veterans to seek justice for employment discrimination claims and compensation for injuries caused by asbestos exposure.

Veterans thought Republicans had their backs. Like tea party conservatives who are now turning on business, state veterans services are next. They've already cut funding for veterans nationally, resulting in waiting lists and possible deaths. 

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