Thursday, July 24, 2014

Walker's Wisconsin still moving Forward? "...childhood poverty increase...parents lack of secure employment...teens not working."

So is the state moving in right direction, as Scott Walker claims? WPR
(A) report by the Annie E. Casey Foundation ranked Wisconsin 13th in the country for childhood well-being. Iowa and Minnesota respectively ranked third and fifth in the rankings.
Wisconsin's ranking is a holdover, still based on policies that have since been replaced. Here's the supposed forward movement Walker is so proud of:
Wisconsin showed gains in education and health, but “Within the economic well-being category, we saw childhood poverty increase, we saw children whose parents lack secure employment get worse, and we saw teens not in school and not working also get worse,” said Ken Taylor, the executive director of the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families, which helped produce the report.

Taylor also pointed out that a report earlier this year found that Wisconsin was the worst state in the country for well-being of African-American children.

Taylor said he's concerned … “Our state has made some choices not to expand the use of the Affordable Care Act, for example,” he said. “The long-term implications of that, we're going to be watching those closely and we're concerned about those.”

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