Friday, July 11, 2014

Big AG fighting for the "right to farm" unregulated, and Wolf Hunt advocates have a "common law right" to cruelty.

For years Republicans like Paul Ryan have been tossing off the Constitution as an irrelevant relic that takes a back seat to our “God given rights.” That leaves almost every law, regulation and societal norm up for removal if someone decides that’s not what God would do.

Watch for it next time, because Republicans never miss a chance to slip their natural God given rights right in there if the constitution doesn't cover it.

That said, our courts are now making similar arguments, spinning rights and “common law” behavior out of whole cloth:
AP: A state appeals court ruled Thursday that hunters can train dogs to chase down wolves … making Wisconsin the only state that allows dogs to track wolves.

Dane County Judge Peter Anderson said Wisconsin residents have a common law right to hunt. The freedom to use dogs extends from that right, not from DNR regulations.
No more rules and regulations here. “Common law” pretty much coverage it and everything else.

The Right to Farm? Big Ag is doing the same thing now in a bid to do whatever they want with animals and how they grow food. God never said anything about animal cruelty and food safety, did he?
Some powerful agriculture interests want to declare farming a right at the state level as part of a wider campaign to fortify the ag industry against crusades by animal-welfare activists and opponents of genetically modified crops. Animal advocates and other groups … goals include trying to curtail what they consider cruel methods of raising livestock and unsafe ways of growing food.

Supporters hope the wording provides a legal shield against initiatives that would restrict particular farming methods, such ... setting minimum cage space for hens … (or the) hope to pre-empt any proposals to ban genetically modified crops.
The "right to farm" comes from God, who sacrificed animals and never thought to post warning signs or list food ingredients.

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