Thursday, July 24, 2014

Walker told reporters Mitt Romney did not run for president based on his business experience.

Before I forget; During WPR's morning show, reporter Shawn Johnson played a clip of Scott Walker answering a question about the Wall Street Journal's criticism that he's using the same argument against Burke that Obama used against Romney-outsourcing to overseas countries.

Walker answered by saying Romney didn't run on his business experience.
Walker: "Mitt Romney did not run his campaign on the basis of his arguing his experience in the business world as a reason to vote for him. If he did, than I think it would be fair game to look at all the experience." 
I know, I nearly spit out my coffee. Even funnier still, the reporter played a Romney audio clip of him declaring how his business experience would make him a better president.

Walker's ridiculous lie, made in front of reporters who I'm sure still remember the presidential campaign, should be front page news. Why isn't it?

Here's WPR's Shawn Johnson:

The following shorter audio clip starts with Walker's comment and ends with Romney and then Johnson summing up Walker's big mistake. For those who can't resist playing it over and over:

WPR: Obama often blasted his Republican opponent for the time he spent running the private equity Bain Capital. At one point, he called Romney the “outsourcer in chief.”

In his autobiography, “Unintimidated,” Walker wrote: “I deplore the kind of character assassination the Obama camp used against Mitt Romney.”


  1. Dude! You're about to go viral if you post that clip.

  2. Send this to Digby, TPM and RawStory asap.