Friday, July 25, 2014

Republican repeal of Affordable Care Act would only increase premiums and the uninsured, while providing no coverage for the sick.

I was fascinated by the headline sent to me by my conservative friend in Milwaukee:
"This Newest Obamacare Blanket Exemption May Have You Considering a Move to Guam or Puerto Rico"
My friend would love to see the Affordable Care Act crash and burn, despite his recent difficulties he had getting health care. He’s now on Medicaid’s BadgerCare Plus due to his income level. Go figure.
The Department of Health and Human Services website announced that a vast number of Obamacare regulations will no longer apply to all U.S. territories. Two of the main components of the plan, the individual mandate and the premium subsidies, have never applied to the territories, however.
Every item U.S. territories are now exempt from, and wildly supported by my friend, are the very protections any normal human being would want to have.

This highlights the irrational outright hatred of the president’s program, him personally, the ideological mindlessness of smaller government, no desire to slow rising costs, and a willingness to waste lots of hard earned income on junk insurance policies that don’t cover even essential benefits.
They will be exempted from guaranteed coverage, community rating, single risk pools, rate review, the medical loss ratio, and “essential” benefits.
The article ends with a comment that proves how voting against your self-interest is considered a win, and any consequences suffered by the sick are their own damn fault.

How about allowing additional flexibility to actual U.S. citizens in recognition of our unique situations, hmm?
Of course, the suggested flexibility only increases premiums for those who do buy insurance, and segregates the sick into publically paid for risk pools. The insurers? They get to make a profit, without any risk. Nice.

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