Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Free Market Offshoring by Global Businesses is now Bad, says clueless Scott Walker.

Boy, if you're a global corporation, with manufacturing all over the world, you might want to steer clear of Wisconsin as a place to locate your business.

Scott Walker doesn't like you,  and will go out of his way to vilify your very existence.

It's not enough for Trek Bicycle to manufacture their product here in Wisconsin as well as in the other foreign markets they serve (business 101), after all, its a global company now.

As a career politician, living and raising a family on the government dole, running an international business is not a Scott Walker strength after all.

Remember, Walker says he's is not actually attacking a successful business in our state, he's just pointing out how bad they are because the owners sister is trying to take his job.

The worst part of the ad below is how ignorant Scott Walker looks regarding the function of global businesses setting up shop in the markets they serve. Oddly, this "terrible" policy is something Republicans love and have been pushing for the last 30 years. Chairman Walker's own WEDC gave money to companies that fired Wisconsin workers for offshoring as well. Is all this just a distraction?

What I like about this is the free press and media coverage Walker is giving Burke, all the while bashing Wisconsin business. It's a twofer and I hope a game changer for this little man.
Trek, the world's second-largest bicycle maker, does not employ children at its overseas plants, John Burke said. Trek's manufacturing plants in China, Germany and Holland all follow local labor laws and pay prevailing wages, he said.

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