Sunday, July 6, 2014

GOP candidate Jonathan Steitz wants to dump state income tax, hike sales tax...thinks we're still spending too much?

Another Milton Friedman wannabe. Here's how Upfront with Mike Gousha promoted their interview with Jonathan Steitz: 
Republican Senate candidate Jonathan Steitz of Pleasant Prairie said he will be a more reliable conservative for the 21st Senate District. Steitz will face former Sen. Van Wanggaard in the August primary.
Who brags they'll follow leadership with a "reliable" vote if elected? Jonathan Steitz would. Steitz would also get rid of the income tax by cutting government spending (Boehner cliche) and raising the sales tax to 8 or 9 percent. Why?

Confident Bullshitter: Steitz falsely claimed the 9 states that don't have income taxes are doing much better than states that do. Wrong, unless Steitz thinks Wisconsin can become another oil producing state. But performance is everything, and Steitz is a fast talking huckster with a confident air. The truth...WSJ:
Do cuts create jobs? Mike Leachman, director of state research at the liberal-leaning Center on Budget and Policy Priorities said past studies showing states that enacted large income tax cuts in the 1990s and 2000s had a mixed record on economic growth. Several tax-cutting states performed worse than those with higher taxes, and those that performed better were oil producers … cutting income taxes doesn’t spur major economic growth because they’re usually accompanied by reductions in government services. 
Steitz is running against Van H. Wanggaard, a recall election loser given a second chance after redistricting. Just wait till you hear Steitz's plan to deregulate a statewide school vouchers plan (another post). Audio only:

Check out Jake's TA Funhouse for a detailed look at this conservative kooks plan.

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  1. Yes, someone who's supposed to be representing an area that includes the outlet malls in Pleasant Prairie wants the state sales tax to balloon to 13%, higher than neighboring Illinois, where any if the outlet mall shoppers are from. THAT will sure be good for the area, won't it?

    The more I see these clowns, the more I think Bryce can keep this seat in Dem hands.