Friday, July 18, 2014

Walker Repeal of Common Core puts GOP politics in our Public Schools and Statewide Control over Education.

Repealing Common Core after four years of taxpayer spending and implementation is Scott Walker's to those who cried the loudest; the tea party. Rampant conspiracy theories about Common Core are at the heart of their opposition. Here's a clip of Republican Rep. Don Pridemore, when he ran for State Schools Superintendent, spouting total Common Core tea party lunacy:

Since before vouchers were introduced in Milwaukee around 1992, Republicans have trashed public education. The GOP blamed those greedy union teachers for every problem. Under the banner of saving our failed public school systems, Republicans have been pushing privatization.

Great Public Schools, or Failing Public Schools? If you talk to WISN's conservative radio host Jay Weber, he'll tell you how we suddenly have the best schools in the country. The same goes for Sen. Paul Farrow. From audio of Weber's show this morning below;
-You'll hear how great our schools have been.

-You'll hear how those who read about the Common Core curriculum said that's not what we need in Wisconsin. Wrong, Common Core is NOT a curriculum. 

-Building big data bases. Wrong, even Bill Gates is pushing secure storage of all student information. 

-Political oversight by our legislature, the "voice of the people?" Farrow wrongly says states will teach the same exact thing, claiming again Common Core is a curriculum, which it isn't.
Local control is another way of having political fiction taught in our schools: This has already happened:
Farrow: "When you look at the level of manufacturing that we have in Wisconsin...we've got be able to teach those nuances by our state. But it's that other area that has to be flexible by state, so they can teach what the kids need in their region, for their state to be effective."
 You mean like this:
ABC News: Wyoming, the nation's top coal-producing state, is the first to reject new K-12 science standards proposed by national education groups mainly because of global warming components ... Board President Ron Micheli said the review will look into whether "we can't get some standards that are Wyoming standards and standards we all can be proud of." Gov. Matt Mead has called federal efforts to curtail greenhouse emissions a "war on coal." 

As for Jay Weber, he misses those days when our parents were able to do math in their heads. When did we stop doing that?

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