Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mark Belling accused poor defenseless Mary Burke of recruiting her Brother to Fight her campaign battles.

My conservative friend in Milwaukee called to tell me how WISN's Mark Belling was about to trash Mary Burke for offshoring jobs at Trek. He even held the phone up to the radio so I hear Belling's commentary. He accused Burke of being a weak defenseless woman for getting her brother John to bash Walker for lying.
Belling: Says women like Burke are weak,
need men to defend them.

Belling accused Burke of not having the leadership to responded to Scott Walker's accusations that she ordered Trek to out source jobs to China.

Burke didn't respond? Even after running ads that RESPONDED to Walker's clueless misguided claims about offshoring jobs. Even the papers covered this one. Like this supposed "non-response" in the Journal Sentinel:
Mary Burke said that if Walker knew more about business he would understand that Wisconsin companies such as Trek, Kohler or Harley-Davidson need to manufacture around the world.
"That ad says more about him than it does about me, or for Trek," Burke said during an interview with the Journal Sentinel. "It shows that he puts politics in front of what's good for the state, and for the people. For him to drag a great Wisconsin company through the mud is bad for business. It's all about politics with him."
Burke is right, Walker is a career politician who thinks of himself as a "small businessman" managing the states economy. The state is "small?" Walker made that claim after becoming governor.

War on Women continued...: Belling then accused Burke of enlisting her brother to fight her battles for her, because you know, women are weak and depend on men for everything. Belling knew what he was doing, getting as much mileage out of his misogynistic, demeaning and completely fabricated attack on Burke.

Check out the audio clip below, which features Belling reading from John Burke's newspaper ad that offered up a few things you may not have known, like the fact that Trek helped fund the Madison bike sharing service. Gee, a business that cares about, and funds, social services. Walker can't have that:
Belling: "Mary Burke doesn't have guts to respond to a political attack ad on her by responding herself. She's got to trot out her brother...do the responding for her. Just in and of itself, it gives you an indication of her leadership skills, or lack there of."

What's just as strange is Belling's willingness to support Walker's deceptive twisting of the facts to make his case for reelection. Twisting the truth upside down is apparently fair game.

Unrelated but important: Walker's claim Trek didn't pay any corporate income tax is another fine example of lying while still telling the "truth." This factoid goes out to the guy who Tweeted he still trusts Walker more than Burke or any Democrat. Walkerites love being duped?
jsonline: Gov. Scott Walker stepped up his attack on Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke and her family's bicycle business Monday by accusing the company of not paying state corporate income tax.

Burke's campaign fired back and said Walker is either "ignorant or outright lying" about how Trek Bicycle pays taxes in Wisconsin. Like many other businesses, Trek's owners pay taxes on the company's profits as individuals rather than through corporate taxes. Trek files taxes under "Subchapter S" of the Internal Revenue Service Code. In an S-corporation, the tax obligation is passed on to a company's shareholders.
Oddly, Walker doesn't have a problem with his blatant misdirection play to his supporters. Not much to brag about Scott?

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  1. Belling's just getting flashbacks to all the smart women with standards that rebuffed his advances at Victor's all these years. It's why he's got a problem with smart, competent women like Burke.

    Good luck getting 45% of the women's vote with that attitude, WisGOP.