Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Scott Walker, the out-of-state Governor? Outside Special Interests say yes, want Walker!!!

Isn't it time Wisconsin had it's own in-state governor? It seems our state elections and interests are now in the control of out-of-state big money donors. jsonline:
Gov. Scott Walker raised more than half his sizable haul of campaign cash from outside Wisconsin this year, while his challenger Mary Burke raised two-thirds of her donations inside the state.
Breaking it down:
Of the $8.3 million raised by the Republican governor in the first half of 2014, $4.6 million, or 55.4%, came from out of state donors while $3.7 million, or 44.7%, came from within the state, according to a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel analysis.
Wisconsinites have a different candidate in mind: Mary Burke:
Of the $3.6 million brought in by Burke, a Democrat and former Trek bicycle executive, donors living outside Wisconsin gave $1.2 million, or 34%, and in-state donors gave $2.4 million, or 66%, the newspaper's analysis of state campaign filings found Tuesday.

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