Wednesday, July 30, 2014

President Romney...I mean President Obama brings U.S. Economy Back!!!

On the heels of one poll claiming Obama was our worst president ever, and another saying Romney would win in a landslide if the election were held today, the U.S. economy has never looked better since the Great Recession.

Funny isn't it; if Romney were president, all of the successes below would be attributed to him and the confidence businesses had in his policies. This just proves how well the GOP's concentrated attack on Obama has been. Tell me now how big money doesn't influence politics. Bloomberg News:
Economy in U.S. Grows More Than Forecast: “The economy is looking pretty darned good,” said Stuart Hoffman, chief economist at PNC Financial Services Group Inc. in Pittsburgh.

Payrolls Rise: Companies added 218,000 workers to payrolls in July, exceeding the average for the year and showing improving demand is bolstering the job market, a private report showed today.

Business Investment: Corporate spending increased at a 5.9 percent annualized rate after being little changed in the first quarter, contributing 0.9 percentage point to growth … so-called final sales to domestic purchasers climbed at a 2.8 percent rate, the biggest increase since the third quarter of 2011.
And the reason for the above successes? Don't point to the mythical CEO “job creators.” It was consumer DEMAND:
The increase in household consumption, which accounts for almost 70 percent of the economy, exceeded the 1.9 percent median forecast of economists surveyed by Bloomberg and followed a 1.2 percent advance in the first three months of 2014.

Purchases of durable goods, including autos, furniture and appliances and recreational vehicles, jumped at a 14 percent annualized rate, the most since the third quarter of 2009, when the recovery began.


  1. I absolutely would not be waving the pom-poms on this pitiful and misleading news that you have featured. Same-old, same-old and a breakdown of the FACTS behind the announcement can begin to be found here:

  2. I'm not celebrating, but reflecting the spin connected to the economic numbers. Everything in your link uncovers the heart of the problem, true, but that's not how the media and press will ever see it.

    One problem those not on the "right" have is talking up better policies, successes, and needed changes. I could doom and gloom all day, like in the article, but then that sound so much like the GOP. There is still a lot to "marketing" ideas, and that's what my post was all about.

    You'd have to agree, if this were under Romney, the press would be in love with the guy.

  3. Considering that aside from yourself and MAL and a few others state-wide and nationally, not in the MSM, there is no press, and you're likely correct about Romney and that the "media," stooges would be fawning.

    Tomorrow will bring WPR giving equal time to "opposing POVs," furthering the cause of citizen disinformation.

    Didn't claim you were waving the pom-poms, just re-iterating what is ignored in the reports.

  4. You made a good point, and I was glad to clarify what I was doing, which isn't a bad idea from time to time. You mentioned WPR, which bothers me a lot.

    They feature both sides, but in a very unfair way. The liberal side is usually a well thought out UW professor, while the conservative is a flame throwing liar. The Republican is free to disseminate disinformation, just as you mentioned, without correction. Although fill in host John Munson is great at breaking through.