Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Reminder: Walker admits withholding Free Voter ID offer at state DOT offices.

The upcoming gubernatorial election is not just about Scott Walker's failed jobs policy. It should also be about Walker's voter ID scheme that prevented the DOT from proactively offering free ID's. The word "scheme" is the best way to describe it, as you'll see in the video clip below from a September 2011 Upfront with Mike Gousha.

Gousha appeared stunned by Walker's position; Walker endorsed the deceptive DOT policy of withholding information offering a free voter ID to those applicants who might just need one. People had to ask for it. There would be no proactive outreach to offer voter ID cards, either in the media or with signs and posters at the DOT.

Why would Walker not want everyone to have an ID, free or not?

The Mary Burke campaign should remind Wisconsinites how Walker intentionally withheld free voter ID's from those who may have needed them. By the way, Walker's deer-in-the-headlights reaction and answer said a lot about who he really is and what he's prepared to do to win. He's the worst kind of con artist.

Here's the original story from WISC Channel3000, and you won't believe their reasoning for not offering the free voter ID:

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