Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Dark Money and Wisconsin Elections.

In another great report from Fox 6's Mike Lowe, the little known story of dark money, and the influence it has on our elections. Sure, "both sides do it," but really, who's left nowadays? It's not the unions.

Like I've always said, there's an entire economy built around the conservative movement, buying influence and employing every right wing loser rejected by real world employers. You could say it's a job creator for the perpetually unskilled.

The reckless dark money spending on irrational conservative organizations with nothing intelligent to say, proves how bad they'd be running the country:

A secret John Doe investigation is exploring the link between Governor Scott Walker’s recall campaign and outside political groups to see if there was any illegal coordination. Outside groups are spending tens of millions of dollars to get candidates elected on both sides of the aisle in Wisconsin.
There's also a nice piece at Cognitive Dissidence on dark money as well.

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