Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Walker running Wisconsin into the Ground...more spending cuts on the way?

Republicans have only one solution to their tax cutting addiction; when revenues run out, they cut spending again, even when it's really bad idea. There's no end to the downward spiral.
Democratic Party of Wisconsin: The Department of Health Services reporting a shortfall of $93 million in state tax dollars for the state’s Medicaid fund … According to the White House report, 5,400 fewer people in our state would face crushing, out-of-pocket medical bills each year.  11,200 desperately needed jobs would have been created in our state in the next three years through the expansion. 
Transportation Shortfall nearly $1.5 billion: After borrowing over $250 million for road building in 2014, nothing has been done yet by Walker to fund transportation. On top to that, we received more bad newstoday:
Instead of shifting into high gear during what is normally the peak of construction season, state transportation departments around the country are easing off the gas pedal as the federal Highway Trust Fund barrels toward insolvency sometime next month.
On average, states will see a 28 percent cut.
And because tax revenues are falling short this year, we’re looking at a possible general fund deficit of $1 billion. 

I hope I'm wrong about this, but as Han Solo would say, "I've got a bad feeling about this."


  1. If Scott Walker is re-elected, the only consolation I will have is that he will have to shoulder the blame when the **** hits the fan next year with the general fund deficit. If Mary Burke is elected the first thing they will do is lay this at her doorstep.

    1. Just like they did with Bush. It's the GOP way-screw things up so badly that it's nearly impossible to fix, and then say. "See? Government doesn't work!"

      Great for them and their campaign contributors. Horrible for the other 99% of us.