Monday, July 28, 2014

Walker gets face time, credit for Burke's plan to block WEDC funding for Outsourcing Companies!!! What a Leader?

I guess it's not a good idea until "men" say it is. I'm talking about Mary Burke's call to block WEDC funds from outsourcing companies...which is now a good idea since it got Scott Walker's stamp of approval.

Watch the lazy media falls in line with Walker's ridiculous campaign to define Mary Burke as the outsourcer.

WKOW's news anchor even acknowledged Burke's promise to end WEDC funding for companies that outsource way back when. But that still didn't stop them from giving Walker the final word and camera time. Burke actually told WKOW News last week:
"As Governor, I will insist that every WEDC award protects against the outsourcing of Wisconsin jobs and companies that don't live up to their end of the deal give back every tax dollar they received."
Here are two examples where Mary Burke supported the change, well before Walker came on board, along with that damning statement from WEDC promising to handout more taxpayer money to make outsourcing companies happy:

The following two newscasts give Burke the media shaft on her own campaign position on outsourcing, with a short mention at the end. First WISC Channel3000:

A spokesman for Burke referred to a statement released when it was reported the WEDC was giving money to companies that outsourced, where Burke said as governor she'd insist every award protected against outsourcing.
WKOW gave massive amounts of news time to Johnny-come-lately Scott Walker, who said, "Probably should have been done a long time ago, but it makes sense now"...because it's an election year, right? Greg Neumann reported even more companies got money while outsourcing:


  1. Walker banks on the media giving him cover. When Wisconsin was adding jobs, all be it, at an agonizing slow pace the media reported the gains repeatedly. Now that job losses are mounting we read or hear little about our state's poor standing. Thus it is no surprise that what Burke said 2 weeks ago garnered little attention but when Walker is caught on the wrong side of an issue and he flip-flops.... his new position makes news not his wrong standing previously. I think we all know that he has millions to spend in the media and therefore he gets top billing an the large print headlines. Surely this is not fair but Mary Burke is too classy to complain and she knows the underdog is given little unless she and the people unseat the most dishonest governor this state has ever witnessed [Pants on fire].

  2. I should also add that Peter Barca should have brought Burke into the WEDC change, since she firmly backed the position in her campaign.

    Typical Democratic mishandling of an issue. They are so bad at this, it's frustrating.