Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Partisan Health Services Sec. Smith warns Wis. Care at risk. Yeah, from Gov. Walker.

Let’s get the facts straight; Wisconsin will spend less on preparing for health care reform because it is well ahead of all those states now whining about their own heavy start-up costs. That fact flies in the face of our new Health Services Secretary’s dire nonsensical warning, he actually disproves in his own mixed-up statement:
Wispolitics: (New) Health Services Secretary Dennis Smith told the House Budget Committee today that Wisconsin will see little of the benefits promised under the federal health care reform law despite costing taxpayers an estimated $560 million annually. "Wisconsin already has achieved the coverage rates aspired to under PPACA," Smith said ... "We have a strong, competitive health insurance market, which we want to preserve and protect. All of the gains Wisconsin has made should not be put at risk."
Hey Sec. Smith, tell that to Gov. Walker. Think about it; How does being prepared put anything at risk, unless he’s talking about cuts yet to be revealed by Gov. Walker (more on that in the blog above).

The undeniable cost reductions were tempered by paranoid delusions of their own media creation. You know what I’m talking about; losing coverage, costs rising and denial of the actual CBO numbers showing a savings. In fact, Democrats and Obama warned that any savings in the reform package wouldn’t materialize in the first 5 or 6 years, a point completely ignored by Republicans:
He acknowledged that the state would see some cost reductions as citizens moved from other programs to new federal health care credits. "Individuals indeed will lose their current coverage. The cost of health care continues to go up, not down," Smith said. "And most important of all, the promised level of savings for American families will not materialize."
All fear mongering lobbyist talking points that contradict the CBO numbers that say $1.2 trillion dollars will be saved in the next 20 years. That's the same CBO Paul Ryan's brags liked his Road Map plan, that unbelievably, balances the federal budget 50 YEARS into the future. That's after racking up over $60 trillion dollars in deficits. And that supposes nothing major will happen in the next 50 years to throw those numbers off. Good luck with that.

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