Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Democrats in House continue to Press Republicans to drop their Government Run Health care.

House Democrats have not forgotten, and have not let up on forcing health care reform opponents to give up their government run taxpayer provided benefit. As I mentioned here before, this issue is not a tactic or gotcha, but a great equalizer. If government run health care will lower the quality of care and lead to rationing, why not walk the walk and refuse to be a part of the liberal socialist agenda.  
TPM: Democrats can force Republicans to take uncomfortable votes pretty regularly.
Using a procedural tool called the motion to recommit, Democrats forced Republicans to take a stand on whether or not members of Congress should receive federal health care benefits. The measure would have made repeal of the health care law contingent on more than half of all members of Congress opting out of the Federal Employees Health Benefit Program.
Republicans voted it down: it isn't the most comfortable issue for them.
Moments before Dems introduced the motion, the DCCC blasted out to reporters a list of the 14 House Republicans who have opted out of their federal benefits. Many of those members made that decision after Dems pulled a similar trick, and pressed Republicans to announce publicly if they'd be accepting those benefits. 

Here's Ron Paul's recent comment on the hypocrisy of taking their government subsidized benefit:

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