Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cantor Complains that House Bills Die in the Senate. He Noticed!! GOP Mantra to Buy Insurance Across State Lines Opposed by States.

"The Senate shouldn't ought to be a place where legislation goes into a dead end."

Who said that, Nancy Pelosi? No. It was Republican Rep. Eric Cantor. Suddenly the Republican Senators 136 filibuster ploy, stopping the Democratic Houses legislation the past two years, should not be repeated. The Senate rules shouldn't apply to the Republican House bills, and doesn't reflect the will of the people. So much BS. And oh, the GOP doesn't want any of those pesky artificial deadlines when it comes to their reform plans, which really could take years.

The clip below includes Cantor, Keith Olbermann and Wendell Potter, who exposes Rep. Blackburn as the go-to lawmaker for health care lobbyists.

The big issue here is the Republican emphasis on buying insurance across state lines. The details of the issue below point to a long impossible task to get all states to back the idea, not to mention Potter's conclusion that people will end up buying junk insurance due to the removal of all state mandates. It would be an insurers loophole bonanza.

McClatchy News: Coverage across state lines. People can now only buy individual health insurance policies sold by firms licensed in their state. Republicans are eager to break down those state barriers, and their plan is expected to be a top priority.
But the effort will face a tough opponent: States, which have most regulatory authority over insurance and argue that they can best protect consumers and closely watch whether insurers remain financially viable.
When the issue came up last year, leaders of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners issued a statement saying they were "strongly opposed" to any bill in which the federal government allows insurance carriers to sell their products in our states using the regulatory rules of another state."

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