Monday, January 24, 2011

Extremist Tea Party Okay with High Unemployment, Low Wages, People Starving and No Cradle to Grave Welfare. Wake Up America!!

Are we at the point now where Americans won't really mind watching people starve to death (this was once a cliched science fiction version of the future)? Yes. That time is now, with the emergence of the tea party draconian's. If you can't get a job, you starve. Thank god too, it'll save taxpayer dollars.

Freedom Works' Dean Clancy would love to eliminate all government jobs, any and all. Government jobs are "none producing," you know, like those big time Wall Street investors.

Philip Dennis, a Texas tea party organizer and freeloader, says unemployed government workers "will become productive, or they will starve, if we can get rid of some of this cradle to grave welfare."   

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