Thursday, January 20, 2011

Michael Medved Slips and tells the truth: There will be NO Republican jobs plans." That's not why they were voted in!!!

Guess the voting public isn't waiting for the Republicans to bring up the issue of JOBS:
CBS News: Meanwhile, the Republicans started to take some heat Thursday for focusing so much on health care in the first weeks of the new Congress when they promised voters they would focus on jobs. Speaker John Boehner argued that the two issues are one and the same.
"When you look at the repeal of the health care law yesterday, one of the significant issues was the fact that it's destroying jobs in America," he said.
Right, it wasn't the jobs killing Great Recession, was it. On the Ed Schultz Show, Ed and Joe Madison's jaws dropped when Michael Medved made this profound declaration; It's not the Republicans responsibility to create jobs. Really, he couldn't have been more clear about the Republicans "no" jobs plan:

According to their most recent poll:

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