Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What, expand Interstate between Madison & Illinois? Not unless it pays for itself.

Thought the $800,000 federally paid for train was expensive, eventually requiring taxpayer money for upkeep? Try $1 billion for adding just 45 miles  extra lanes to the interstate. 

That's $1 billion bill for adding two lanes to the interstate, benefiting Rock County, while picking the pockets of Wisconsin taxpayers who’ll never use it? This is insane.

As a candidate for Wisconsin governor, Scott Walker supported the expansion of Interstate 90/39. As governor, he still does … the state Transportation Projects Commission approved four statewide projects, including the $1 billion plan to expand a 45-mile stretch of Interstate from four lanes to six between the state line and the Beltline in Madison.

Walker and the Republicans … will be finding the money for the project. Half of the cost is expected to come from state borrowing. The remainder would be split between the state’s transportation fund and the federal government.

Money! That’s a big problem for these “no new tax” Republicans hell bent on paying off their campaign contributors. There is no money:
…a transportation department budget recommendation for more than $300 million in cuts over the two-year period … heading to a June expiration with a shortfall of nearly $91 million … Declining revenue from the state’s gas tax and a significant drop in vehicle registrations are fueling the deficit and projected cuts.

I learned a lot during the high speed rail “debate” on right wing radio. The unmistakable message was this; Not one penny of taxpayer money should be used for upkeep if they’re going to add the two lanes. It has to pay for itself, or forget it. I rarely drive that way, why should I pay?

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