Saturday, January 29, 2011

Gov. Walker creates New Health Care Office in secret to replace the old new office, so they will meet…but not meet…to create exchanges, so….god my head is hurting now.

After bankrupting Milwaukee County as its executive, Gov. Walker is taking his “Ideology Express Train of Destruction” across the entire state of Wisconsin to do the same thing. In a sign of "open government and a healthy debate"…
CapTimes: Gov. Scott Walker signed the executive order creating the new Free Market health Care office Thursday. No members of the news media were present. (He) created a new office to fight federal health care reform … to simultaneously create a health care exchange in Wisconsin, as required under the federal health care reform bill, while also exploring "all opportunities and alternative approaches" that would free Wisconsin from establishing that exchange.
"He is setting up an exchange to get out of an exchange," state Democratic Sen. Jon Erpenbach told me Friday.
It's even crazier:
Walker's new Office of Free Market Health Care will replace the office … created by Gov. Doyle … to make recommendations on how to establish an exchange, but it is now chaired by Republicans and its members have decided they will no longer meet to carry out that mission.
Instead, the state's new office will be tasked with creating an exchange. 
…without meeting? Huh? We’re not even one month into this new administration and they’ve turned Wisconsin into a laughing stock, not to mention a Through the Looking Glass world of Humpty Dumptyisms

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