Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lobbyist and former State Senator Bob Welch on Wis. Wind Energy: "This is not a good place for wind...not a good place to build them at all"

Remember the Republican mantra of "government shouldn't be in the business of picking winners and loser" as it relates to jobs? Guess what, that exactly what the Walker administration is doing, on steroids, out in the open for all the media to see. Green energy and transportation industries; losers. Old established corporate bullies; winners.

When a powerful conservative group with the deceptive name, "Coalition for Wisconsin Environmental Stewardship" gets involved,  it should send up red flags to everyone that its position will be flat out ballsy against green energy. Even worse, one of the most partisan conservative former state senators imaginable, Bob Welch, is their public spokesperson. True to form, Welch immediately trashes Wisconsin as "bad for business" in the emerging green economy. When you hear him use terms like a "windmill ghetto," and "we can't see these 'green jobs' canceling out the other jobs," the nation will receive his and Wisconsin's unmistakable message; STAY AWAY.!!! From WPT's Here and Now:
Bob Welch: "The whole issue here is where should you build, and if you should build wind. Wisconsin is not a good place for wind, we don't have the kind of wind capacity that they do OUT this is not a good place to build them at the set back issue, if you were talking about 1800 ft. in a wheat field in North Dakota, nobody would care...your stopping other development. So you're saying we're going to create jobs, but your actually costing jobs at the same time."

Humorously, Welch complains the wind industry helped develop the legislation, not an unusual practice and something Gov. Walker is now encouraging with his private/public commerce department.  Or how about the recent Walker backed legislation to allow one business, Bass Pro Shops,  to usurp the state constitution so they could build in a wetland area (which Bass declined to do out of respect for the environment). Welch should be a comedian.

Hypocrisy is about to become a meaningless word due to the Republicans contradictory agenda, and my overuse of the reference.

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