Monday, January 24, 2011

Rep. Sean Duffy Confused and Conservative about "ObamaCare" Repeal. We're in real trouble now

Naive is one of his good qualities?! OMG! Having said that, there's really not much else you can say about Rep. David Obey's replacement, Sean Duffy. When pure ideology guides reasoning and logic, you get the following kind of nonsensical tripe; The first clip from WPT's Here and Now, calls Duffy out for a campaign promise broken, right out of the gate, where he voted to repeal "ObamaCare" without a GOP replacement proposal. For Duffy, the "promise" of a replacement bill sometime in some fanciful future is all he needed to hear:

In what I would call, more than stupid, the following clip reveals all you'll ever need to know about why Republicans should never be allowed to take control of anything, ever (remember the Great Recession?).

The reality: 1. Not all states will lift their health insurance mandates. 2. So buying insurance across state lines will take away Wisconsin's sovereign rights and freedoms, and impose laws from Illinois or Florida. 3. That flies in the face of Duffy's argument that "ObamaCare" is a one size fits all plan for the country that takes a state's freedom of choice away. 4. Finally, purchasers will need a lawyer to make sure their new "junk" policies language will actually cover them when they get sick. When you remove mandates, insurers will devise hundreds of "gotcha" loopholes to avoid coverage...come on, that's got to make sense to you.

According to PolitiFact:
When running, Duffy used very specific language to convey his position on federal health reforms, saying he would not vote for repeal unless "a better proposal was in place" or "we had a bill that was going to work."
He voted for the repeal, without a new proposal in place. Indeed, no such bill exists yet. It’s unclear what will be in a Republican alternative, when it will be voted on, and whether it will satisfy Duffy’s interest in saving the "good things" in the legislation.
We rate his vote a Full Flop.

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