Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy to wear Packers Tie, even after getting fired for it.

This is weird, but typically Packer. Don't forget your box of tissue:

Hey, a happy ending: 
WSJ: John Stone, the dismissed salesman, was offered a job Tuesday morning by the general manager of Chevrolet of Homewood, during an interview on WGN radio in Chicago.

Here's how the whole thing started: 
jsonline: A suburban Chicago car salesman apparently went too far in celebrating the Green Bay Packers win over the Chicago Bears.
The general manager of John Webb Chevrolet in Oak Lawn fired him Monday for wearing a Packers tie at work.
John Stone, 34, told WGN-TV that his grandmother, who recently died, was from Chicago, but she loved the Packers.
General Manager Jerry Roberts told the television station that there’s no specific policy against wearing green-and-gold gear, but the dealership has had advertising campaigns featuring the Bears.
Stone was happy to don the tie for WGN’s camera. “I love you, grandma and I love the Packers,” he said. 

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