Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Is it Glenn Beck, or his audience of paranoid conspiracy theorist losers?

Glenn Beck is crazy. He's a dangerous person the companies he works for have not reined in, under what we used to call, "community standards." Employers used to believe the on air staff, trusted to do the right thing, reflected on them and their advertisers. Even ratings didn't stop station management from firing a popular radio host. Just look at Howard Stern. Glenn is a right winger though, part of the lunatic fringe, and never told to stop. And stopping doesn't censor the host, it stimulates the their imagination to be creative. Here are two clips about the poster child of paranoia, Glenn.

Jon Stewart nailed Fox News the other night over their use of Nazi references, an accusation they denied, and faked outrage. You've gotta know Glenn Beck couldn't keep his mouth shut when it comes to Nazi references.

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