Monday, January 24, 2011

Wisconsin GOP avoids Public outrage by passing tax cuts before justifying agenda and spending cuts to voters. Am I the only one who noticed?

“Enjoying their dessert” Republicans cut taxes, all on the same day Gov. Walker suggested a budget adjustment bill to deal with the newly created fiscal problems. Who put these guys in charge?

As a family man, independent business owner and bill payer, I am stunned by the conservative economic model of reducing your income before paying for your bills. Down the rabbit hole…
Wispolitics: The Joint Finance Committee has passed the amended small business tax bill by a 12-4 margin. Democrats ripped the majority for pouring more than $33 million onto the state's projected deficit for a program that won't tangibly impact jobs.
"You're doing the dessert and telling people you're going to put the schools on a diet later on," said Sen. Bob Jauch, D-Poplar.
That’s not all that’s been added to the deficit:
WisPolitics: Dems said the tax deductibility of HSAs, which would increase the structural deficit by $49 million over the biennium, does little to stimulate hiring and adds to the state's budget woes … average working people can't afford to set money aside for health savings accounts.
Rep. Jen Shilling said Republicans are putting "the cart before the horse. If you don't have a job you cannot afford HSA payments at the end of the month.”

But JFC co-chair Robin Vos said Dems are interested in "defending the government and how government needs more money," while Republicans are "defending the taxpayer." Vos scoffed at the Dems' argument that HSAs will only benefit the wealthy. "Everyone in Wisconsin has the ability to benefit from an HSA," he said.
Only if you have the money to open a HSA. Does anyone think we’ll have a choice when the budget axe falls? Not after we’ve dug the hole over $100 million deeper. So now that things are worse…Republicans continue to add to the deficit, with their theories to big payoffs down the road:
Governor Scott Walker said he may have to introduce a budget adjustment bill to deal with the state's fiscal problems. At a bill signing ceremony on the health savings account tax deduction, Walker said he would know more once new Legislative Fiscal Bureau numbers are out by early next week.
This is a carefully crafted misdirection play by the Republicans. Impressive in its deception, the public won’t complain about the tax cuts until they find out what they gave up, for the now passed big business wish list. Republicans can avoid the debate and public discontent, while still get everything they want.  

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