Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tea Party Loses to Socialism, and Liberal-ish Americans Prefer the Word Conservative When Asked Political Affiliation.

Tea party politics is starting to hit the wall, and many are taking notice. It doesn't mean the worst is over, it just means that people MAY be smarter than originally assumed, by yours truly. Go socialism? BradBlog:

"Blue Texan" at Firedoglake notes an interesting statistic following the release of a new WaPo/ABC News poll:
·         Favorability for the "Tea Party": 35%
·         Favorability for "Socialism": 36%
Go figure. That, despite the absolutely, positively, indisputable fact that the US is a "center Right nation". We know that, of course, because --- despite years of accumulated and well-documented evidence demonstrating the exact opposite [PDF] --- those who listen uncritically to Rightwingers in the media continually parrot the claim (even as they remain unable to offer a shred of evidence to support it.)

Think the country made a hard right turn in the midterms? It looks like a liberal by any other name is still a...liberal. 

The US is a center Left nation [PDF], a new study [PDF] out today, shows, according to Alternet, that "only a quarter of self-identified 'conservatives' may actually be true conservatives on the issues" and "many aren't conservative at all."
As it turns out, very few of those who self-identify as "conservative" don't even seem to understand what conservatism actually means, as "they also like government spending on a variety of programs and generally approve of government interventions in the marketplace, hardly making them true conservatives." All of these data sync up with the general thrust of the original study I linked to.
The new study seems to conclude that many, if not most, of those who self-identify as "conservative", just seem to prefer the name over "liberal" or "moderate". 

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