Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stopping the Green Economy Cold, Gov. Walker Pursuing Old Pre-Recession Businesses…that have Changed.

Petty and short sighted, Gov. Walker stiffed local farmers growing biofuel and instead decided to pay out of state natural gas suppliers taxpayer dollars. That’s money we could have kept in this state.
jsonline: The Walker administration has canceled plans to build a biomass power plant at the University of Wisconsin-Madison … will burn natural gas instead.
Short term savings:
The state can expect to save about $75 million to $80 million as a result of the decision, 
“Just like those decisions, canceling the biomass project cancels an opportunity to keep our money local and develop our local economy,” said Jennifer Feyerherm of the Sierra Club.
Good-bye locally produced energy sources:
The move is the latest in a series of steps reversing energy and related policies supported by the Doyle administration, including cancellation of the high-speed train proposed to link MIlwaukee and Madison and a restrictive property-rights legislation unveiled last week that could slow development of wind power projects in the state.  
"Governor Walker has not met a clean, green job that he didn’t want to kill," said state Rep. Brett Hulsey, (D-Madison) who has worked on biomass projects as an environmental consultant. "Cutting this project destroys an entire new emerging clean energy market in Wisconsin where farmers would grow biofuel on their land that would otherwise go to waste or be imported from elsewhere.” 

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