Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Privatizing Back Room Corporate Welfare in Wisconsin a Great Way to Save Taxpayer Dollars?

State Sen. Randy Hopper defends the public/private economic commerce department proposal by Gov. Scott Walker, ignoring the possible pay to play back room deals we know will be a part luring companies to Wisconsin. It's the kind of access few state citizens will have to influence their elected politicians, one to one. Using the Indiana model, from a state with higher unemployment, should make you wonder too.

In this clip from WPT's Here and Now, Indiana Economic Development Corporation's Mitch Roob comes right out and admits pay to play outreach to businesses, under the guise of taking corporate money so taxpayers won't have to pay for junkets with their money. Another words, taking corporate money to pay to wine and dine lawmakers is fine, if taxpayers don't initially have to pay for future corporate welfare:
"That's part of doing business. That's part of any marketing effort, is the relationship developing process, the social process that goes on that kinda lubricates the deal, and we don't believe that tax dollars should pay for that. We use our private sector funds for that."
Well that's much better than?

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