Friday, January 28, 2011

Republicans successfully, in just two days, vilify the word “investment,” like in America's Future. These guys are good.

Ha ha…did you hear how many times Obama mentioned “investment” in the state of the union? Can you believe he wants to spending money on America’s future?

It was a tongue in cheek conservative drinking game, where everyone took a belt whenever Obama said the word “investment” in the State of the Union address. Investment meant “spending,” and spending is bad, even on America’s future. Tax cuts good, grunt!!

I never thought I’d see the day when the idea of “investing” could so easily be vilified without a news media whimper. 

Republican representatives and senators joked about how many times Obama would say the word investing, rolling their eyes and snickering about the very idea of investing in education and infrastructure.

Investing is now a bad word, uttered by big spending Democrats hell bend on destroying our country.  
Ann Coulter: All I kept hearing was, "Ann pays more." That's all I ever I hear when Democrats start in with all that "investing."
Apparently the government will be "investing" in education, "investing" in technology, "investing" in roads and "investing" in lots and lots of government workers. Ann pays more, Ann pays more, Ann pays more.

Here’s one conservative’s comment on the whole “investing” brew-ha-ha:
Humanevents: With complete control in Washington, President Obama and the Democrats have been “investing” in growing government and their self-serving bureaucracy. In contrast, most Americans have been “investing” in food and shelter and not much else. summed it up this way:
United States Senator Mike Johanns, a Republican from Nebraska, said this: “The President alluded repeatedly to investing, implying the expenditure of more tax dollars . . . Continuing to spend money we don’t have only digs us into a deeper hole.” I think I figured this out. Spending money we don’t have on “investing” digs us into a deeper hole. Spending money we don’t have on being “competitive” doesn’t involve a hole at all.

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