Thursday, January 13, 2011

Is "One Party Rule" by Republicans, Okay Now? Will Constitutionally Amending Their Agenda be Fair to Future Voters?

Isn't it funny how “one party rule,” this time by Republicans, is a ticket to push their policy wish list without compromise or hesitation? 

“One party rule” was dictatorial and a political power grab, once.

Not anymore. Republicans are even willing to go as far as amending the state Constitution to insure their agenda cannot be repealed by future elected officials, carrying out the will of the people, to change those laws.

Since only a small percentage of citizens actually vote, the winning party doesn’t necessarily have a mandate to set in stone, their particular agenda for everyone in the state.

It wasn’t so long ago, November to be exact, when Republicans were complaining about “one party rule.” With the super Republican majority, in this case absolute “one party rule,” the complaints have completely disappeared? Funny how that works? The GOP now hopes to make their power permanent. 
jsonline: Republicans plan a two-pronged approach to require voters to show photo identification at the polls, with the quick passage of a bill followed by an attempt to amend the Wisconsin Constitution that would make it difficult to undo the ID requirement. By changing the constitution, they could lock in the photo ID requirement and make it difficult for Democrats to eliminate.
But that’s okay, because our authoritarian ruling class in Wisconsin knows what’s best, and figures we'll never change our minds.
Kevin Kennedy, director of the state Government Accountability Board, said about 20 people were charged with voter fraud after the 2008 election. Most of them were instances of felons voting while still on state supervision.  
Wisconsin's photo ID requirements would be among the strictest in the country. All but two states with photo ID requirements - Indiana and Georgia - allow voters to cast ballots without showing IDs if they sign affidavits … Wisconsin is one of nine states that allow voters to register at the polls, which observers credit with boosting voter turnout … Momentum is building among Republicans to eliminate the practice. 
Despite that right to vote, hoops, walls and restrictions are just fine, unlike our right to bear arms where nothing should be required. If you consider that a stretch, check out the lame reason given below by one lawmaker for adding more government regulation:
"Voting's a right, but there's also a responsibility to voting," Sen. Joe Leibham said.
The elimination of same day registration, and showing a picture ID, is not an enumerated prerequisite to vote, just more laws and big government getting in the way of our freedoms and liberties. Well, isn't it tea party whiners?

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