Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Anti-Business "Business" Gov. Walker. Pt 1

What really is a pro-business state climate? We are about to see one vision unfold... 
Joel McNally –Scott Walker could be one of the most anti-business governors in Wisconsin history … consider the rapidly mounting evidence … Enough already has been written about Walker’s rejection of $810million in federal funds for a high-speed train that could have produced up to 15,000 jobs for construction firms … shut down other business opportunities related to improved passenger and freight transportation … chased away the newly opened Talgo train car production plant, one of the few major industries moving into Milwaukee’s economically devastated black community in decades.
Now Walker wants to shut down another major industry that recently moved into Milwaukee’s Menomonee Valley with various companies drawing up plans for $1.8 billion in business investment around the state … renewable wind energy industry, one of those “clean energy” businesses that will continue to expand.
Walker talks publicly about reducing regulation of industry, but he is proposing prohibitive regulations on wind farms … the most restrictive in the nation … Walker simply wants to put companies ready to spend billions of dollars in Wisconsin out of business.
It’s an oddly anti-business pattern for a governor who his top priority was “jobs, jobs and more jobs.” The major legislation he has introduced would not create a single job … What Walker’s bills would do is reduce the financial penalties for companies that injure or kill their own workers or manufacture products that injure or kill consumers … Walker touts this vicious legislation as a way of “improving Wisconsin’s business climate.” It would be difficult to imagine a more anti-business statement … When doing bad things starts costing a company money, good companies make higher profits.
When doing bad things starts costing a company money, good companies make higher profits.
That’s what makes Walker an anti-business governor. He would put good businesses at a competitive disadvantage in Wisconsin.

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