Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Collapse of the Restaurant and Tavern Business Didn’t happen with nanny state Smoke Free Law that saved lives!!! Conservatives STUMPED.

So the sky didn’t fall when our state wide government intrusive smoking ban kicked in. Just another issue conservatives and smoking ban opponents were 100 percent wrong on. Now, let’s put them in charge of the economy.
WSJ: Putting out cigarettes in Wisconsin bars and restaurants did not have a detrimental effect on the hospitality industry, according to … the Carbone Cancer Center at UW-Madison … looked at five Wisconsin cities, including Madison, where smoking bans went into effect before the statewide ban took hold last summer.
Results showed bars and restaurants in the smoke-free cities continued to do well under no-smoking ordinances, and the number of class B alcohol licenses increased after the ordinances took effect.
Despite the significant economic recession of 2008, the study found the hospitality industry to be the most economically successful industry in the smoke-free cities, the news release said. 
During our gubernatorial campaign, one Republican candidate promised to come to our rescue:
WSJ: Mark Neumann, a Republican candidate for governor, said Friday that if elected, he would repeal the state's nascent smoking ban … he feels the ban - less than a week old - is a case of government overstepping its authority. People can decide whether they want to frequent places that allow smoking, he said
Which brought out the crazies and prompted this response from me:
Ryan Evans, who heads up the pro-cancer death group called Ban the Ban, “questioned how well the poll gauged sentiment in rural Wisconsin and whether the sample was big enough to project the findings onto the state as a whole”… blah, blah, blah. Evans solution; put the issue up to voters through a referendum. Another words, they want to buy a no vote. 

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