Saturday, March 5, 2016

"Stand with Walker" voters like Wasting Money, and Lots of it if it makes their point about ObamaCare.

While the national media tore Scott Walker a "new one," state reporters just don't seem to get the ins and outs of the Affordable Care Act...accept for Guy Boulton:
Wisconsin uses Affordable Care Act but rejects funding for itGuy Boulton-Journal Sentinel: Wisconsin's decision last week to challenge a fee imposed by the Affordable Care Act set up a comparison not lost on advocates who support the law.
So is Walker saving taxpayers money?
The fee has cost the state about $23 million so far ... Gov. Scott Walker and the Legislature's opposition to the law is projected to cost $678.6 million in state tax dollars through the 2017 fiscal year.
That doesn't sound too taxpayer friendly. But as with all conservative ideas, if it's their law, wasting money doesn't's the principle:
Wisconsin is the only state in the country to use the Affordable Care Act to expand its Medicaid program while turning down the additional federal dollars ... to pay for it.
As we all know, Republicans don't like paying for anything. Life is a free ride to them. So what's behind this Walker/Schimel lawsuit that has them so riled up? Let's start with Walker's cockeyed crazy reasoning...remember, this is costing taxpayer $23 million plus $678 million through 2017:
"Once again, we are taking action to protect Wisconsin taxpayers from the adverse effects the Obama administration's Affordable Care Act has on our citizens. This lawsuit is meant to ensure Wisconsinites are not left paying this unconstitutional and coercive tax..."
But what's obvious to everyone else is this:
"He's looking for pennies on the floor of his car, when he should be looking at the bags of money in front of him," said Bobby Peterson, executive director of ABC for Health, a public interest law firm.
Taxpayers are currently paying about 42% of the Medicaid bill, instead of ZERO and just 10% after that. No, you don't have to be a math genius to figure this one out:
Under the Affordable Care Act, the federal government initially would pay the full cost of covering poor people previously not eligible for Medicaid through 2016, with the federal government's share gradually dropping to 90% by 2020.
Bullshit: Walker is peddling bullshit with little persistent blowback by the media, who could have stopped this lunacy in its tracks. Notice the word "contend," that allows this bullshit to continue unchallenged:
The Walker administration and others have contended that the federal government eventually will reduce the money available to states through the law because of persistent U.S. budget deficits.

The federal government cannot meet its current Medicaid obligations, Laurel Patrick, a spokeswoman for Walker, said in an email ... "We maintain that states should not depend on the use of uncertain federal funds, which is why Governor Walker implemented unique reforms ..." Patrick said.
This is why Wisconsin isn't getting back every dollar we send to Washington:
As of June 30, the state had passed up an estimated $227.6 million available through the law, according to the Legislative Fiscal Bureau. More than $200 million will be added to the tab in the current fiscal year.

"He's just completely tone deaf on this issue, and he's not running for higher office anymore," Peterson said of Walker. "He ought to consider going after this money instead of these obscure objections to the ACA. "At some point they need to move on," he said.
Walker's biggest problem? An actual law designed to pay for itself:
The fee on insurance companies was among the myriad taxes imposed by the law to help pay for the cost of expanding insurance coverage. By requiring states to reimburse the insurance companies, also known as managed care organizations, for the fee, the federal government has imposed the taxes on the states, the lawsuit alleges.

Timothy Jost, an emeritus professor at the Washington and Lee University School of Law and an expert on the complexities of the Affordable Care Act, said he doesn't believe the lawsuit has much merit. "The states don't have to participate in Medicaid," Jost said. "But if they do, they have to play by the rules, and this is a pretty garden-variety rule." Jost wrote that the states also pay substantial amounts to cover other federal taxes paid by Medicaid managed care organizations, such as payroll taxes.
Putting up the appearance of "looking out for the taxpayer," watch for the Walker's medicine show in a location near you:
"We have and will continue our work to protect taxpayers from the costly consequences of the ACA," Patrick said in the email.


  1. Actually, Republicans don't mind paying for themselves and their own families.

    They just don't like paying for lazy unproductive braindead libtards.

    There is no public "money."

  2. Thanks for making it clear how Republicans see the world...royally screwed up.

    This is a civilized state, not a wilderness filled with pioneers struggling to survive. We all depend on each other, a basic building block of our nations Constitution. I'm sad when Dems get back in that you'll benefit, you don't deserve it.

    You are the lazy freeloading party using up the resources that go into making the American dream. Proud?

  3. What color is the sky in your dimension?

    Have you not noticed that everything is pretty screwed up right now?

    A muslim invasion of Europe, Libya destroyed, Iraq destroyed, millions of people dying all around the globe and US taxpayers are funding the bill.

    If you think it is still civilized, I wonder what you will say when people are trampling over each other for food like they are in Venezuela...another country destroyed by hard left socialism (communism).

    Where does it say in the Constitution I have to pay for your dumb ass?

    You are the freeloader. Not me. I pay for myself. I produce more than I consume. And I give generously to charity.

    You just whine about it libtard.

  4. I know you are but what am I? Just wondering where the Constitution says the people can't decide the size of their own government. Hint, it doesn't.

  5. Duh! Real world economics and financial budgets decide that. Not the people.

    But that's why they added the amendment process. Keep amending it and it will have lost all meaning.

    It wasn't written to decide what power the people have. It was written to keep the power of the federal government in check.

    You should have learned all this a long long time ago. But way to avoid my question.

    I suppose you still think "well regulated" means government oversight?

    Just one more you ever read or study anything or are you too busy squawkin to do any form of thinking?

  6. There is nothing that shows a greater sign of ignorance than when someone uses the term "libtard". Anyone who does is a disgusting human being whose opinion is worth nothing. Anonymous, whoever ever you are, when you throw that term into a comment, nothing you say in that comment is meaningful.
    Since you seem to be an honest person, my guess is that you do not have your roads plowed, you probably don't drive on our roads, and for that matter you do not own a car. You don't use our lakes and streams, you don't use the post office, you don't listen to the radio, and you don't use the internet. You'll never ask for help from local law enforcement, you will refuse the fire fighters help, and will turn down the ambulance ride for your child. Heck, a true blue American like you will probably refuse buying any food which has been transported on the public roads?
    I could go on and on, but a hypocritical liar like you will never pull your head out of your @$$ and realize that you are a taker. You are a freeloader of the worst kind.

  7. Anonymous,

    The roads are paid for by fuel taxes and tolls. Am I required by law to own a car?
    Water usage is paid for monthly. Post office is paid for by a rising postage price. Law enforcement is paid for by property and state taxes. Need I go on?

    I employ others and I produce which is where real wealth comes from. You can't tax your way to prosperity. I paid in the tens of thousands in income taxes alone last year.

    How much tax did you pay last year? Which one of us is the freeloader?

    Libtards make a lot of assumptions. Start thinking with your brain rather than feeling with your heart.

    1. I bet you dont even work, and if you do happen to "run a business", your ignorance on how the economy and budgeting really works probably means it's a very mediocre business in a less-than-mediocre town.

      Cmon hotshot. Name what business you "run," or forever be proven to be a basement-dwelling liar.