Wednesday, March 16, 2016

It's time to deep six the mind numbing GOP excuse, the "angry electorate."

I am so tired of hearing about the “angry electorate.” 

Excuses, excuses. Who the hell is making the electorate angry?

Republicans of course! 

For example, Wisconsinites are "angry" about the road conditions and delayed projects statewide due the Republicans ridiculous pledge to never raise taxes, ever. The "anger" will only increase, as things get even worse, while Republicans defer maintenance by denying reality:
A two-year-old report showing Wisconsin roads to be in the third-worst shape in the U.S. was refuted by the Department of Transportation on Tuesday, with officials saying the "roughness" indicator used in the report was not widely accepted as a true gauge of road worthiness.
So let's argue about that for the next 10 years, while doing nothing. That should really piss everybody off. As one readers comment makes perfectly clear...
"State DOT officials say the International Roughness metric is outmoded, the fact remains that the same metric was used to measure every other state."
Paul Ryan blames an "angry electorate" for the embarrassing failure of his budget, now blocked by member of his own party. Remember when Republicans made it seem like a Democratic problem? 
For years, the GOP attacked Senate Democrats for the same failure.
Hey, it's the "angry electorate," the sole creation of the Republican Party.  

Rural conservative voter are angry over large corporate farms, a GOP favorite that pollutes their wells and squeezes out family farms.

Rural conservatives are angry over closing community schools that end up destroying towns. They're angry over cuts to school funding (for vouchers) that force teacher and school busing cuts. They're angry over fewer local health care clinics. 

Republicans are angry over the existence of that other political party. The so called "left," "liberals," and "Democrat" Party have been vilified to the point that they no longer have relevance. Right wing media has replaced everything else, which is a bizarre turn of events no one could have predicted. Blame the kid glove treatment by the press over obvious BS, fiction, lies and irresponsible behavior by Republicans that lead us to this point. My conservative friend in Milwaukee wrote...

One radio talk host claims the truth can be found somewhere in the middle of the battling "right" and "left." Since when is the truth in the middle?

But then conservatives who hate government the most can't wait to get on the public dole themselves. In fact, in the Ohio race to replace John Boehner, 15 candidates ran in the primary there. So many that voters either didn't bother to vote, or couldn't remember who they voted for:

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