Sunday, March 6, 2016

Ditka: "Obama is the worst president we've ever had." Really?

If they didn't make Obama's presidency sound like a major disaster, Republicans would have nothing to build their fantasy world agenda around. Unfortunately for them, they've had to construct an elaborate lie about Obama's record to present their side of the argument, to make it look good.

Who better than former Bears coach Mike Ditka to sum up their disconnect with reality:

After six years of saying this, even George W. is remember more fondly, despite 9/11 and the Great Recession (seriously, what does it take to receive a failing grade on the right):

That contrasts with Obama's actual record and policies, despite GOP obstruction:

Or his administrations unmistakable jobs record:

Republican supply-side economics has a record of keeping wages low, as seen in the charts below:

Once upon a time, higher taxes were an incentive for businesses to reinvest some of their profits, and lower their tax burden. That's why we saw growth in the 50's and 60's. Businesses then increased wages, which increased demand, which prompted job growth: 

But after 40 years of Reagan economics, no one remembers what made the U.S. an economic super power.


  1. I don't even know where to start with this one.

    You are delusional. It's sad that you believe everything the government tells you. 5.8% unemployment. Ha ha. Yes Obama created a few part time jobs in the food and beverage industry. That's why one should go to college and sink themselves into thousands of dollars of student loan debt to get a degree in transgender french studies. And if they can't get a job, we'll just kick them off the participation rate and not count them any longer.

    Be ready for this...

    Hi! I'm your friendly Federal Asshole Inspector. Please bend over and pull your pants down.

  2. Frankly, I am going to have to side with anonymous...

    Where to start?

    First, why are you bringing up Balance of Trade and mischaracterising it as Deficit GDP%. If you were talking about the correct portrayal of the United States fiscal health you would bring up the BUDGET deficit. That rate is a robust 100.2% which is not the sign of a healthy economy. In fact it is a terrifyingly dangerous figure.

    Obama has fostered an environment in which:
    More than half of Americans pay no income tax
    The government spends more than $60 billion per year funding NEGATIVE INCOME TAX, refunding those who pay no tax
    You fail to account for 2 things: during the nearly decade Obama has been President, income has DECREASED for nearly everyone
    Healthcare costs have increased despite ACA
    Obamacare was passed yet as of 1/1/16 there are still 20% of Americans without health insurance

    Obama has weakened the national defense so profoundly:
    Troop levels below WWII levels
    Drew a redline in Syria, distinguishing the point where the US would intervene (if chemical weapons were used), he naturally reneged
    Altered the global security structure so profoundly that the US is no longer at as the global hegemon, which according to hegemonic stability theory results in an insecure world, susceptible to war

    Obama has presided over the death of an American Ambassador for the first time since the Iranian Revolution.
    He has gloated about media manipulation.
    He has spent more money than any other president on vacations as the country goes through one of the steepest economic downturns in the country's history.
    "You didn't build that"
    Has a clear disdain for the country.

    Is such a narcissist and fame-seeker that even liberal Hollywood elite have described his involvement in Hollywood and the talk show circuit reeks of desperation and comes across "thirsty."

    Has a wife who was proud of the country for the first time when her husband was nominated. This means she was not proud of the country when he was elected to the Senate, or for the majority of her life. She outright rejected the country that gave her and her husband the ability to ascend to the pinnacles of power, until he was nominated President.

    He is a classless, narcissist, ideologue who has set back black America decades and instead of using the opportunity as a way to create a post-racial America decided to seek deepen societal lines and foment hatred for Americans both among each other domestically and more broadly globally.

    -an Obama voter in 2008, thoroughly embarrassed and ashamed

  3. impeach obama imprison Hillary !!!

  4. "They've had to construct an elaborate lie about Obama's record"

    Yes, cherry pick your arguments and you can really show factual people what's for!

    THIS is what an UNSUCCESSFUL PRESIDENCY looks like: