Sunday, March 27, 2016

Walker admits defeat on Job Creation, now attacks the number of help wanted ads.

I'm off to Easter with the family, but there's something I'm looking into that lies at the very heart of Scott Walker's desire to fill the jobs already open, and not create new ones.

Word salad Walker offered up this down-the-rabbit-hole logic:
Walker: "One of my top priorities has shifted from job creation to filling jobs, which really in turn becomes a form of economic development going forward because for a lot of employers in this state if they don’t have confidence they can fill vacant positions now, that becomes a barrier to adding more jobs in the future."
Will we be able to survive 3 more years of this Bizarro World approach to managing the state?

What is the historical average of the open jobs market? It seems likely that number would be pretty consistent. So is it ridiculous to change what might be unchangeable, all those help wanted ads that persist no matter what happens, because of the ebb and flow of the marketplace (hint: Jake?)?

One thing I do know, Walker is now marketing a new product for a third term, smaller in size, gluten free, but at a more expensive price; last in the Midwest in almost all jobs and business creation categories.

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