Friday, March 11, 2016

Bradley enlists Right Wing Radio shill to attack news, reporters.

The supposed non-partisan candidate for Wisconsin's Supreme Court, Rebecca Bradley, appeared on...ready for this, conservative talk radio, where else, and got the drooling obedient host (Jay Weber) to praise her courage and character. That's how the Republican media machine works in Wisconsin.

Bradley presented an obviously prepared statement that sounded canned and completely insincere.
Click to enlarge-right temperament? 

But after listening to the tone and vitriol, the first thing you'll notice; this doesn't sound anything like a Supreme Court Justice. Bradley's heated disjointed rant should be enough to disqualify her as a serious candidate all by itself. This is how she deals with adversity?

None of this is Bradley's fault of course, and besides, she's now flip flopped on all the issues. That would make her a liberal? Here's the audio from WISN featuring only Bradley's comments, minus the Jay Weber ass kissing:

My favorite line: "To do this to a women, is absolutely sexist. If I were a man, this would not be a story." That would be a logical line of attack, except that her opponent is also a woman, and doesn't have Bradley's long list of moral and ethical lapses, not to mention radical position on contraception. Even more ruthless, Bradley uses the opportunity to push her campaign site by inviting listeners to visit. 

My conservative friend in Milwaukee said he didn't care what she did, because the whole debacle is just a liberal media creation hit piece. Yea, I suppose the liberal media planted the bigoted commentary in the Marquette student newspaper and forced her to say nasty disdainful things about Democratic Party voters who swept Bill Clinton into office. What is this this two party thing that keeps getting in the Republicans way?

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  1. The whole victim complex thay is part of RW Bubble World is one of the biggest things I cant stand about this crew.

    Not that we didnt know Justice Bradley Foundation was an unqualified hack befire this week, but the whining and cravenness this social.climber has shown would be disqualifying of a hack legislator. But a judgeship on the state's highest court? Only in a banana republic.

    FIRE HER and start to restore our state to the 1st world