Friday, March 4, 2016

Walker Justice Candidate Bradley has no time for arguments, questions; gives speech to corporate lobby instead!!!

Republican “stand with Walker” voters still don’t think their party sold out to big business, even as a Supreme Court Justice and candidate left oral arguments early to meet business campaign donors. No time for questions, Rebecca Bradley instead glanced over the summary. Wow, she hasn’t even been elected yet and she’s letting it all slide.  

"It's money that matters"
AP: Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley left oral arguments in a pending case before they had concluded so she could give a speech to the state chamber of commerce, a group that's spent heavily in past court elections in favor of conservative candidates. On Feb. 24, Bradley left arguments in the court early to give a speech at the Wisconsin Manufacturer's and Commerce "business day" event about three blocks away.

Every day is a "business day" on Walker's Supreme Court. 


  1. This goes to the heart of why Bradley should not be elected--she is not competent to do the job, and, her interests lie in not with the Wisconsin public, but with the wealthy corporate business lobby. At WMC's Business Day speech, she assured those assembled few that "I am your public servant."

    WMC went on record last year, along with the Koch's Americans for Prosperity, that they wanted full right to work legislation with no exemptions for trade unions. Issue advocacy media was provided by Wisconsin Right to Work, a 501c4 group led by Lorri Pickens, who formerly worked for Americans for Prosperity. They got what the were looking for as Pickens witnessed Scott Walker signing it into law ( It was an issue dear to Ron Johnson, who spoke with Bradley and Scott Walker at the WMC event.

    Pickens recently founded Wisconsin Alliance for Reform, who just spent $700,000 for a statewide TV ad campaign, running March 8-21, that is promoting Bradley.

    1. Well done. Always follow the money with right-wing groups, and the puppets they try ro put in office.

      Ms. Bradley Foundation has already shown she has no shame and no ethics. That should be an automatic disqualification for anyone that has an ounce of pride and belief in fairness.