Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Walker's new DNR closes Mazomanie Nude Beach!!!

We're a good Christian state now, thanks to Scott Walker. His appointed bigot Justice Rebecca Bradley, who thinks gays are degenerates and perverts, fits right in with this in kind attack on a popular summer hangout on the Wisconsin River. WISC:
DNR closes Mazomanie's nude beach, cites illicit activity as reason: The DNR said it will close approximately 140 acres of the 46,000-acre property, but not because of nudity.
Even though they've tried to close it before for that specific reason. The beach is also a popular nudist destination:
“What we're talking about is illegal drug use as well as public sexual activity going on at the beach," said Brian Hefty, with the DNR.
Which of course must be the DNR's mission now. Gone are the concerns over clean water and the protection of wild life, it's all about drug use and sexual activity now:
Hefty said the department's repeated efforts to assuage problems in the area for more than a decade have made little impact. Further, the illegal activity has kept prospective users from visiting the beach.
Hmm, those who don't want to go to a nude beach...can't go to a beach with nudists!!! Think about that. It's like closing down dog parks because people without dogs or have dog allergies can't go. Again, there just aren't enough parks?

There are so few beautiful public areas and access points along the Wisconsin River? Guess so:
“This is one of Wisconsin’s most beautiful spots, and the citizens of Wisconsin ought to be able to visit the sight and be comfortable doing so," Hefty said.
The thing is, the beach is popular because...ready for this, it's a nude beach:
Longtime users of the beach called the closure a "misdirection" by the DNR, noting it impacts most those frequent visitors who have cared for the beach longer than anyone else.
WKOW's coverage:

With state parks now funded by entrance fees, I'm wondering where the money is coming from to redevelop an already popular beach. And they're in a real big hurry:
The beach may not be closed forever. Redevelopment efforts hope to re-brand the space as family-friendly by adding more picnic and parking space, new trails and a canoe drop-off location.


  1. Targets nudist anyone who loves and supports this area should go to an open forum where they can voice their opinions I know I will be.

  2. Targets nudist community and is dumb to textile this beach.